MSDR-PS Series Refractometer for Cutting Fluid

Cutting fluids are industrial fluids used to cool and lubricate tool and workpiece during metal cutting and grinding. The cutting fluid has good cooling performance, lubrication performance, rust resistance, oil removal and cleaning function, corrosion resistance and easy dilution characteristics.

For machinery parts production enterprises, cutting fluid, cutting tool annual consumption costs are quite large. In daily production process, cutting fluid not only has an important impact on product quality, but also on tool life. In machining and tool processing industry, cutting fluid concentration is too low  which will cause workpiece and machine tool corrosion, poor lubricity and other problems. Cutting fluid solution is too high  which will not only increase the cost, but also lead to the reduction of cleaning capacity and cooling capacity. Therefore, the cutting fluid concentration is one of the important indicators that must be measured every day in metal processing workshops and factories.

In order to avoid the quality or economic loss caused by too low or too high cutting fluid concentration ratio, we need to summarize the usual cutting fluid use experience, explore relatively economic cutting fluid concentration ratio in the actual production process help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency.

MSDR-PS series refractometer can test the concentration and refraction rate of cutting oil solution products conveniently and quickly for mechanical parts manufacturers or end users in the process of metal processing, so as to provide practical and effective basis of determination for the daily maintenance of cutting fluid.

MSDR-PS series of online refractometer, quick installation, hanging on the edge of the tank can realize immersion continuous measurement, especially suitable for online concentration monitoring for industrial oil, cleaning liquid, food and beverage.

MSDR-PS series refractometer automatically measure every 5 seconds by default, display Brix(%) and temperature, only a four-core wire can complete the power connection and data output.Power input uses DC-24V, data output uses RS485,also can customize other output methods.

The MSDR-PS series online refractometer can be used for single point measurement and continuous measurement. It is suitable for multi-process monitoring such as extraction/mixing/dilution/cleaning, as well as multi-industry applications such as machinery/processing/food/beverage/pharmaceutical/chemical industry.



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