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Linghang Lijia Mechanical & Electrical Co,.Ltd., founded in 2013, is a supplier of liquid concentration measurement products and industry solution,mainly providing portable digital refractometer, online liquid concentration sensor and other products. Linghang Lijia has the industry's leading independent core technology and sustainable research and development capabilities, is a national high-tech enterprise, zhongguancun high-tech enterprise. Its office address is located in Beijing Daxing District Jinyuan Road no. 32.

Linghang Lijia is specializing in the design and manufacture of liquid measuring instrument, mainly engaged in the research and production of optical measuring instruments. The core members of the technical team of the Linghang Lijia has ten years of experience in liquid measurement instrument development. Its technology research and development departments have the excellent and professional ability of professional technology and fast developing speed. We can customize the optical measurement instruments for measuring various liquid concentrations for users. 


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Linghang Lijia is mainly engaged in the development and production of optical measuring instruments

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It is widely used in food processing, automotive, medical, energy, textile, printing, chemical and other industries and laboratories, universities, scientific research institutes and other units.

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Linghang Lijia will continue to provide world-leading liquid measuring instruments, technical solutions and professional quality services to continue to create maximum value for customers.

Industry Sector

Linghang Lijia is mainly engaged in the development and production of optical measuring instruments

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We are deeply involved in the field of liquid measurement and cooperate with many leading companies in the industry to ensure rapid and accurate measurement results

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